White-tailed Eagle

The King of the Eagle World

It is between Tversted and Ålbæk that nature unfolds in all its beauty.

It is here that the presence of history is felt in the most literary sense. And both children and adults seem to be inspired by the unique sight as the great Scandinavian birds of prey, like Golden Eagle, Sea Eagle, Gyrfalcon and Peregrine Falcon show examples of their tremendous hunting skills and cooperation with humans. A hunting technique and cooperation the ancient Greeks, Vikings and not least all sorts of kings and nobles have praised for millennia.

"A falcon trained by a falconer is the freest animal held by humans. It unfolds in complete freedom in harmony with the wilderness. It voluntarily comes back to the falconer, but it could just as well fly away", says Frank Wenzel, who created Eagleworld in 1980. An eagle sanctuary unique in Europe and which during the last 25 years has had more than 1,5 million visitors from all over the world.


A World Centre for Birds of Prey

The final of the one hour's company with the strength and courage of the birds of prey is a study in harmony and freedom. Everything makes sense this morning in Eagleworld, as Margrethes daughter, Freja, takes the stage in all its glory.

In the world of the birds the females are the largest and the most aggressive. And Freja is a magnificent eagle with a wingspan close to three meters.

And she is a super flyer too.


Steller's Sea Eagle

With the clouds as a backdrop she rises towards the skies and becomes one with nature and the universe. She moves higher and higher to an altitude of 2000 meters, which is the maximum altitude a Sea Eagle can reach and at last she is nothing more than a black silhouette against the horizon. We blink our eyes and tune in to great distances and suddenly we understand the humans' fascination with the art of flying. Right in front of us displays ultimate freedom as we humans, bound to the earth, unfortunately only can dream of.

By Michael Solgaard, BT.


rhina web 2010

The Golden Eagle

The artist and journalist Eva Nystad from a visit in Eagleworld:

"EAGLE SEEN: An action successful (Cyprianus' old dream encyclopaedia).

I really needed to see eagles. Had to be lifted. Look up. Breathe deep.

Rejoice by the majestic peacefulness - the wonderful sailing in the air. Greatness. Quietness. Strength.

It is so lucky that one family in Denmark (Irene and Frank Wenzel) have dedicated their life to protection and studies of eagles. They are found in North Jutland - on large open areas, compared to Danish standards.

canon 217

Saker Falcon


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