The bears of the air hits on YouTube

By Mette Kirstine Goddiksen

Almost 400.000 hits on Steller's Sea Eagle from Eagleworld make them among the most viewed. But the animals' appearance and physics are also dramatic.


Come now, little darling", it sounds sweetly from the owner of Eagleworld, Frank Wenzel, while he calls on the enormous Steller's Sea Eagle and feeds it with raw meat. The small video clips about the world's biggest Sea Eagle with the nickname "The Bears of the air" are filmed while the giants' are trained around Wenzel's off-road Hummer. In the first video clip one of the compact giants lands on the car for the first time.

- And as you can see for yourself, a small Golf is not enough up here, Wenzel says.

Playful bear

When Frank Wenzel started with training birds of prey, he was often struck down and pulled along the ground as the giants came in for close contact.

- The Sea Eagles wanted to play with me, but after a treatment like that I wasn't worth much. They do not know that humans are not as fast and strong as them and they did not show much respect. Now I have the opportunity to sit in the car and be big, he says with a grin.

The big off-road car was Wenzel's needed shelter against the playful bears of the air. But he was worried that such an unnatural metal case on wheels would scare them away. And in the video clip you can clearly sense Frank Wenzel's relief that this was not the case: The muscular giant lands self assured on the hood and looks curiously at the humans in the car.

Steller's Sea Eagles are shy towards people. Frank Wenzel is the only human who can train them - so you can visit Eagleworld without worrying about only having a frail windshield between you and the playful bear.

Bonus information
Unusual citizen

Steller's Sea Eagle normally lives on the Russian peninsula Kamchatka, which is close to Siberia, but Eagleworld has been handed over two couples. One of them has to great enthusiasm built a nest, and Wenzel expects that they will breed, even though the Danish scenery is very much unlike the area where they normally live.

The Sea Eagles have a Danish connection, as they were discovered on an expedition by Vitus Bering and his companion, a German doctor and scientist named Steller.

Apart from the size of Steller's Sea Eagles, they are also recognized by the axe shaped beak, which in the home country is used to crush the shield of their primary food source, the half meter wide Kamchatka crab. Their wing position is similar to the flying dinosaurs, and they do not float in the air like other birds of prey, they use their enormous strength all the time.

You can see Steller's Sea Eagles and many other birds of prey in Eagleworld.

Link to eagle landing on a car - film 1 here

Link to eagle landing on car - film 2 here

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