A loving rebel


By Mette Kirstine Goddiksen

When Edith Wenzel and her husband started Fredensborg Falkonergård they brought with them the beautiful and independent Mjølner. And he caused quite a stir in Zealand.

Frank Wenzel chose the eagle especially for his daughter and son in law, Edith and Finn. Mjølner is from Eagleworld's first generation of eagles and is an impressively big sea eagle male with a unique personality. He is named Mjølner (Mjollnir) because he quickly returns to the hand. To the specially chosen falconers hands, that is - and if he don't have his own plans.

Connected with Finn
Mjølner quickly connected with Finn and he tried to create an alliance with him without Edith. And as Finn is not a full-time falconer, Edith often found herself alone with the big sea eagle that wanted to provoke her and flew away from her.

Mjølner cost schnapps
The male eagle quickly fell in love with a put and take-lake close to Fredensborg Falkonergård, where the fishermen almost served the most delicious perch and pikes for him. The problem of course was that the fishermen wanted the credit and the catch with them back to their own dinner table, but they could not really do much against the cunning sea eagle. Therefore they complained about the thieving eagle to Edith. And each time she had to compensate with a bottle of schnapps.

Took journalist hostage
During one of the thieving raids, Mjølner got upset with a journalist who was going to write a review of the lake for an outdoor magazine. He flew down to the journalist who was fishing so he had to seek shelter under a bush. On the way the poor journalist lost his glasses, but he could not get them back on, because Mjølner was standing guard outside the bush. The poor man sat more or less blind and waited for the angry sea eagle would let him escape. Luckily the journalist could appreciate the humour in the extraordinary experience and he wrote a funny and positive article about his encounter with Mjølner.

Stopped football match and enchanted children
On his last raid above Zealand Mjølner first reached Værløse station where he stopped a football match in front of thousands of spectators, because he flew so close above the pitch that he nearly sat down. Later when he flew on towards Kastrup, he saw a group of children who were out walking. It was as if the flock of children was somewhat safe which he recognized from Fredensborg Falkonergård. He sat down right among the children. Later the youngsters told their parents about the gigantic bird of prey. The parents almost became irritated that their children came up with the most improbable stories. Luckily the educators could confirm that the story was not just high-flying imagination.

The hunt for meat
When the adventurer Mjølner reached Holbæk Fjord, he was spotted by a lady who would immediately capture the stunning bird of prey on camera. But Mjølner probably thought that the camera was a piece of meat and flew down and sat down at the lady's arm. She had no gloves and no idea of how to handle a hungry sea eagle. But there was no need for worries. When Mjølner discovered that the camera was not a piece of meat, he flew on to Kalundborg. Here he was so lucky to find a road-killed hare in the road. And the drivers were unlucky because he chose to hold the feast in the middle of the road with several kilometres of queues as a result.

The connection brought him safely home
Edith and Finn are meanwhile briefed on Mjølner's adventurous journey and they decide to go and fetch him at once. It is moonlight and they see Mjølner hovering in the skies. But as they are not able to make contact, they spend the night in the area. They know that the eagle has eaten way too much, and that he doesn't have the strength to go far away. At dawn they go out again, and soon Mjølner lands on Finn's arm, twice as heavy as he usually is. He is full of impressions - and the hare. There is no doubt that the clever sea eagle is deeply connected to his man - also when he does not need meal.

Back in Skagen again
After Mjølner's raid Edith and Finn decides to bring him back to Eagleworld again. Apart from Finn Frank is indeed the only one who can handle the very personal sea eagle, which is certainly not to be trifled with. Therefore he does not take part in the shows at Eagleworld, as he simply won't accept to be trained by the other falconers at Eagleworld. But the rebel Mjølner has become father to eight baby birds with the sea eagle Margrethe and enjoys being back in Northern Jutland. And it is tempting to think that journalists from Zealand, amateur photographers and football players sleep better at night now …